At C&K Catering & Personal Chef Services, we deliver “An Elegant Dining Experience With a Soulful Twist.” From Southern Comfort Foods to Gourmet Cuisines, we serve food from a true heart of service. Don’t let the “soul” term fool you. We can & have serviced a variety of lifestyles and cultures. From our southern roots to travels over the Continental U.S., South America, Europe and the Islands, C&K Catering is diversified. C&K Catering offers a variety of menu packages. However, we can customize a menu for you if needed. Please review each menu below by clicking on the menu title or picture. Be sure to indicate your preferred menu by filling out the Event Questionnaire on the Contact Us page. Bon Appétit!

Breakfast & Brunch Menu

The C&K Breakfast menu includes early to mid morning edible delights that include continental to full buffet breakfast options.

Looking for a meal option that includes a variety of options? The C&K Brunch menu has tantalizing new items that would easily appeal to a Brunch Affair that includes food stations and a delightful array of food choices.

Lunch Menu

The C&K Lunch Menu features a selection of mid afternoon light lunch options and full buffet or plated meal options. Lunch services can include drop off boxed lunches, corporate meetings, seminars & conference feedings, meal options for daily feedings and other types of lunch meals. Let C&K provide a delicious lunch designed just for you!

Dinner & Dining Menu

Choose a variety of options from our most popular menu! The C&K Formal Dining Menu is designed towards events that are held after hours. This menu offers packages featuring appetizer & Hors D’oevures, Themed Stations, Full Buffet or Seated Entrée Meals, Desserts and beverage services for dinner influenced events. Banquets, receptions, special occasions or regular dinner options are featured on this menu.

Exclusive Hors D’oevures

This menu is not just a regular appetizer menu. The Exclusive Hors D’Oeuvres menu is for high-end events such as cocktail parties, open houses or is even suited well for receptions. Several Hors D’Oeuvres can be featured together at their own buffet station or butler-passed. Exclusive Hors D’Oeuvres are special ordered.

Specialty Menu

This vegetarian, vegan and organic inspired menu includes food options that meet the needs of restricted diets or specific diet lifestyles.

Executive Fine Dining Menu

There are some events that are destined to be extremely fabulous and very high end for Premier Fine Dining at its best. This C&K Menu is exclusive and includes a selection of rare and fine foods. The Executive Menu is designed to satisfy the most star-studded affairs that have food + servicing of the highest quality.

Non-Profit Menu

C&K Catering cares about meeting the needs and often limited budgets of Non-Profit Organizations. As a way to give back, C&K Catering has designed this menu with delicious affordable food in mind that offers a variety of meals including, breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers & desserts. This menu is exclusively for Non-Profit Organizations who can provide C&K Catering with documents showing their Non-Profit AND Tax Exempt status. Enjoy!

Refer To The Policies Page For Service Prices Which Are Separate From Menu Pricing.